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The Importance of Eyebrows

The Experts at Country Perfection Beauty Salon in East Garston, Berkshire, Explain Why Eyebrows Are So Important

It is a widely held belief that the eyebrows are amongst the most important features on any face. Because they’re so essential to your overall look, we believe that it is essential that you visit the brow specialists at Country Perfection Beauty Salon in East Garston, Berkshire, who understand exactly how important fabulous eyebrows are.

The Eyebrow Specialists In Your Area






The Best Brow Shape For Wide Awake Eyes

Perfecting the arch of a brow, or having the perfectly shaped eyebrow to frame your features can make your eyes look instantly wider and more alert. You may have been dancing the night away, but the right eyebrows can make you look like you had a full 8 hours sleep!

Change Your Look With New Brows

lash extensions, LVL Lash Lift, Country Perfection, Beauty Salon, East Garston, Berkshire, eyebrow shapingIf you want to alter the look of your features, modernise your personal style or just treat yourself without splurging on expensive make up, you should see an eyebrow specialist at Country Perfection Beauty Salon in East Garston, Berkshire!

Newly shaped eyebrows can give your entire face a subtle change, for a fraction of the cost of other, more invasive methods.

The right shaped eyebrows can make you look like you’ve had a little lift, without injecting anything nasty into your forehead!

Shorten Your Make Up Routine

We aren’t promising that new brows will completely remove the need for cosmetics, but perfectly groomed brows can certainly reduce the time spent on your morning make up routine! The right shaped eyebrows will open your eyes up and make you look more alert, so you may feel more able to go bare faced with confidence. Getting your brows shaped regularly will help to make sure that you look refreshed and more youthful.

Eyebrows, Perfect Brows, Country Perfection, Beauty Salon, East Garston, BerkshireBalance Your Face With Structured Eyebrows

No one, perhaps with the exception of Elizabeth Taylor, has a perfectly symmetrical face. However, the eyebrow experts at Country Perfection Beauty Salon will know exactly how to shape your eyebrows to make your face appear more symmetrical.

Eyebrows that are unsymmetrical can throw off the balance of your face, making one eye appear slightly larger than the other or changing your entire look altogether.

Correct Flaws With Shaped Brows

As we’ve already explained, the right brows have the power to completely change the look of your face. Properly shaped eyebrows can correct minor flaws such as small eyes or eyes that appear too far apart.

Perfectly shaped brows can add definition and length to your face. If you feel that you have imperfections on the bottom half of your face, the right shaped eyebrows can draw the eyes to the upper portion of your face, distracting from an area you aren’t as keen on.

The Compliments You’ll Receive!

Is there any better compliment to receive than someone telling you that your eyebrows look great?!

“Brows on Fleek” is a common phrase that we see on social media, and who can forget how the world went crazy for Cara Delavigne’s bushy brows?
Whilst it’s fantastic to feel self-confident without the need for praise, a compliment from another girl about our fabulous eyebrows is guaranteed to lift our spirits! Just don’t forget to share the wealth and recommend them to Country Perfection Beauty Salon in East Garston so they can get perfectly shaped brows too!

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